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If a piece of your wooden furniture has been damaged, all is not lost. With high skilled craftsmen such as our carpenters, you can have any major or minor problems repaired. We'll make sure that your woodwork looks as good as new.

Whether your wood has a small crack or chip, or a large panel has been damaged on a piece of furniture, we can perform the necessary treatments.

•  Woodwork repairs

•  Woodwork restoration

•  Spot treatments

•  Major refurbishments

Have you had an old piece of furniture handed down to you? Do you have woodwork that you'd like to bring some life to? With our woodwork restoration service, our experienced carpenters can ensure your furniture is returned to its former glory.

Repair your woodwork with us in Cambridge. Call

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Are you looking for woodwork repairs?

Spot treatments or full repairs

Restoring pride in your furniture

Giving your forgotten furniture a new lease of life

a joiner repairing a bookshelf under some stairs

Highly skilled woodwork repairs for your damaged furniture in and around Cambridge