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Experienced and steady hands are required to produce the finest handcrafted joinery work. With W Parker & Son, you can take advantage of the many years that we've been honing our trade for the highest quality wooden installations and furniture.

Depending on your interior design, you'll want to select a wood that complements your home. We have a range of different hard and soft woods available that make up different styles.

Experienced joiners producing the highest quality in Cambridge

•  Tailored and bespoke joinery

•  Hardwood and softwood materials

•  Installations and standalone units

•  Servicing a 30 mile radius around


With over 40 years of experience, our joiners are versatile and skilled to meet your requirements. We'll work with you to plan exactly what you'd like, and how you can fit it into your home.

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You can rely on our team for bespoke joinery

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