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Whether you're going through a total refurbishment of your property, or you'd simply like some bespoke furniture to freshen things up in your living room, we want to hear from you today. Crafting stunning wooden furniture, we can make your house a home.

With a selection of hardwood and softwood materials to choose from, we have a range of different styles that you can select to match your home's design.

•  Cupboards and cabinets

•  Bookcases and shelves

•  Coffee and bedside tables

•  Office desks

Would a new, fitted bookshelf add some more character to your bedroom? Would you like a sophisticated table for your family to eat your meals at? With over 40 years of experience, we can design the perfect wooden furniture for your home.

Add some character to your home with bespoke furniture. Call us on

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Complement your living room with new furniture

Wood to match your home

What are you looking for?

Standalone units and fitted installations

fitted mantelpiece and bookshelves from W Parker & Son

Choose bespoke furniture that fits perfectly into your home in Cambridge and the surrounding areas